Friday, October 1, 2010

Holiday’s yay

I'm so excited I have finally reached my destination of ......HOLIDAYS!

Thank the lord I say hehe. I have travelled down south of where I live and staying in a little house I found on the net that my boyfriend and I have rented for the week.

I will try and post pictures up of the house. My boyfriend went for a run this morning while I got a great sleep in that I really needed it seemed. When he got back I felt guilty and thought I better get up and he was so excit5ed to show me pictures of kangaroos and a sheep dog that had chased it Hahah. I thought it was hilarious because that it typically something you would see on a rough stereotypical Aussie movie.

Sadly the only roo I have seen this week was a road side one that was hit by a car. Hopefully I do see a few before I go; it would be strange if I don't considering I'm in the bush!! Oh well we will see what happens.

Today was very productive we visited wineries, the cheese factory, the chocolate factory and the candy cow (all really yummy and lots of worthy calories hehe).

I am also really excited about starting my new job next week I know sounds sad but I cannot wait, being a student I am quite poor but I am so excited to be able to buy loads more beauty products and clothing items yet. (Shhhh don't tell my mum hehe)


I don't think I have much more to say but I would like to finish on one note..... OMG to Australia's next top model shenanigans what can I say just omgggggg ill leave it on that note.


Hope you are all well.


Much love Sarah xoxo

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