Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lipsticks and lipstains

I am sorry i have been MIA latley but i have some exciting new products to talk to you all about.
I just got back from the shops and i am so excited to say i have finally purchased nude lipstick, you should all be very proud of me hehe.(actually i bought two) I bought the revlon matte in nude attitude and another revlon colourburst in soft nude. I am in love with both of them and i dont know why i haven't purchased a nude lipstick earlier. I reccomend both of these to you, the best part is that they last so long and you can even eat and drink and they hardly disapear.

The next item i bought was the famous covergirl lip stain....... HRH collection got me sucked in and i could not say a bad thing about this product. I got the colour 410 and i couldnt find where it said the colour name but its a berry colour. I love how it smells, looks and tastes :D. It lasts for ever and goes with every look. I really reccomend the outlast lipstain by covergirl.

I guess i went on a lip product spree today becuase i also bought two rimmel colour showoff lipsticks. I got one in pink gossip which is a salmon/coral colour with glitter specs in it. I think its a great party summer colour and really pops when it touches skin. The second one i got was in Pink fame and is a hot pink and very matte in texture and contrast. I love both of them but they don't last as long as the revlon ones do.

Overall i am really happy with the lipsticks i bought today and would reccomend them to everyone :)

Take care all xoxo

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