Friday, October 1, 2010

Chanel, Top shop and worthy treats.

I have been making some wishful wish lists and have come to the conclusion that I AM going to get a Chanel jumbo or maxi lambskin bag.

Alex from HRHcollection made a few videos in relation to her bags and wasn't very happy with the colouring of the powder pink (I think) I want your advice as to whether I should get a cream colour with gold chain detail or the black with gold detail. I know I have wanted black for as long as I can remember but pink/cream seems really different yet popular.

Another thing I wanted to find out from everyone was if you recommend any items at top shop at the moment? I'm looking for simple pieces mainly black as I need them for work. I want bandage skirts, jackets and cute tops. Lace and detailing would be nice as I don't want to look too funereally. I in Australia remember so I need to be able to get it off the internet. The last thing I really wanted to bring up was the fact that I start my new job this week I'm so excited it's a company called Glamazone and they sell wholesale jewels for party and ball wear and scarves and clutches and just bits and pieces that are really girly. I am so excited for it and I can't wait to fill my bank account with money hehe. It will call for a giant shopping spree and that's the point of this topic post. I want exciting summer/spring wear lots of bright colours and I'll be taking my inspiration from Whit 'IT' Port, LC, Steph Pratt and Nicole Richie. I know I am a sucker for The Hills and The City. I love Olivia and I would love to put her in my inspiration list but I find her to be a very "dressy" dresser and her casual looks are very minimal and most are night time and wintery rugged up looks. Don't get me wrong I love her and everything she puts together and I have found a few pieces I love but like I said there aren't many.

I am going to leave you all with that. I hope I get lots of feed back because I am really interested in this topic.

Much Love Sarah xoxo


  1. I am in love with both cream and black chanellos! but i just can't go past black! it's such a classic and will never go out of style, can be worn day and night and won't get as dirty ;) but maybe you're better at taking care of your handbags than me haha.
    I haven't bought from topshop but i just did an order from forever21 - they have lots of bandage skirts with cute details and are very affordable! i'll do a post on alittany when they arrive :) can't wait!

  2. Hello my dear Alittany,

    Yes i totally agree but i am in awe of whit port and her beige handbags haha. black will never go out as you said so i better be safe than sorry.

    I have been browsing F21 aswell and found a few really nice classics i had to stop myself from browsing at other things other than work related items haha. But i love topahop and have only been physically into the flagship store in Indonesia. It is more pricey in comparrision to F21 where i could get exactly the same items i need so i guess il stay with F21. Cant wait to see them items

  3. ohh thats so true - whit definitely makes the beige very attractive!!! i wouldn't be able to choose if i was you!

    never been to a flagship topshop store - you're very lucky! i bet it's amazing - they should bring one to australia alreadyyyy! so sick of waiting!
    there is a mini topshop store in sydney but the prices have been jacked up and the selection is so small compared to the huge amount of stuff on the site. they have the nicest stuff! by the time u pay shipping, F21 might not be heaps cheaper than topshop because shipping is quite a lot - you could go in on an order with some friends to cut it down :)


  4. yeh thats a good point. I think i herd not too sure so dont quote me but if you buy more pieces the postages stays at a certain price? say you buy 5 items it might be like 30buks postage??? myabe i herd it on youtube but not sure. Yhe topshop in Bali was expensive but then agen back then i hadnt herd of it so it probs was th same pricing as now. :D