Tuesday, September 21, 2010

MIA, olivia palermo, holidays

Hey everyone,

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA recently.
I’m not going to bore you and tell you where I have been but all I will say is that I’ve been finishing an assignment for my law course :( sad I know and very boring.

Let’s get straight into it. First off I have been trying this new shampoo and conditioner by Tony and Guy I love love love it. I will do a review video on it in the next few days and you can tell me what you think if you've used it.

Next thing is, I’m LOVING Olivia Palermo's style right now well I’ve always digged it but check out this website for amazing hair styles straight from her head he he. I also have been addicted to viewing pictures of Olivia's navy blue ankle high heel booties. They are TOPSHOP I finally found them and I really want to get a hold of them. I will again post a link with these.

I will be MIA again next week as I’m going away for a week on holiday so excited I will try and make a video of where I am and a post.

Please please please if anyone can help with my video issues please tell me!!!!! I cannot figure out how and why when I upload my YouTube videos my voice goes faster than my mouth weirrrdddd I know but I want to fix it and make my videos cleaner

Hope everyone is well please subscribe and follow xxxxx
 olivia's topshop booties
olivia's super cute hair styles

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