Tuesday, September 21, 2010

MIA, olivia palermo, holidays

Hey everyone,

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA recently.
I’m not going to bore you and tell you where I have been but all I will say is that I’ve been finishing an assignment for my law course :( sad I know and very boring.

Let’s get straight into it. First off I have been trying this new shampoo and conditioner by Tony and Guy I love love love it. I will do a review video on it in the next few days and you can tell me what you think if you've used it.

Next thing is, I’m LOVING Olivia Palermo's style right now well I’ve always digged it but check out this website for amazing hair styles straight from her head he he. I also have been addicted to viewing pictures of Olivia's navy blue ankle high heel booties. They are TOPSHOP I finally found them and I really want to get a hold of them. I will again post a link with these.

I will be MIA again next week as I’m going away for a week on holiday so excited I will try and make a video of where I am and a post.

Please please please if anyone can help with my video issues please tell me!!!!! I cannot figure out how and why when I upload my YouTube videos my voice goes faster than my mouth weirrrdddd I know but I want to fix it and make my videos cleaner

Hope everyone is well please subscribe and follow xxxxx
 olivia's topshop booties
olivia's super cute hair styles

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hi my dear little monsters,

I’m sorry everything has been so delayed I have been running around like a headless chook for my boyfriend’s birthday :).

Well today is his birthday and while he is playing around like a little kid on his new toys I thought id jump online for a new post.
I have actually bought a few new things recently so I will have a quick talk about them and in these hauls I bought clothing and makeup.


First off I bought a nude blazer I have been on the hunt for a while now and found one half prices for $25 Australian. I also bought a black ripped cardie and a cute cropped love heart covered top. They were 20 and 15 dollars.

Makeup wise I went into a shop I haven’t been into before which is called Hair house Warehouse and just took a glimpse of some drug store makeup they sell. Usually I wouldn’t buy this brand which is called Mode as I haven’t tried it before and didn’t want to waste money on it but then towards the back of the store I saw baskets with 50c written on them and they were all discontinued lipsticks e/s palettes and eyeliners. I WAS IN HEAVEN.

I picked up a lipstick in all colours without even looking at the colours because I couldn’t even open them but I grabbed about 4 or 5 and then grabbed the last eye shadow palette in berry nice and it had three pinkie purple colours unfortunately one had shattered :( and the last item I bought was a liquid eyeliner in silver. I will post pics up as soon as I get home and will do a review on them too.

Well I am off for some birthday cake he he. (I’m trying to be good but I can’t resist)

Have great day sunny side up :)

xoxox much love

Friday, September 3, 2010

Blog sales, Nude lipsticks and other giggles

Hi all you bloggers out there,

Today was just another boring day where i did the usual running around on my day off.
Its my biggest fans birthday next week (boyfriend) lol and i had one of his presents in the boot of my car. I told him many times not to look in there and last night we both forgot it was in there and he saw :( i actually started crying im such a baby hahaha :( but anyways many of you will ask me what i got him weill i got him three main presents i got him band hero because he had mentioned a while back he wanted ghuitar hero for ps3 ansd then i saw all of the band one together and suprised him with that the two other main pressies are still a secret to him so i better not write it for him to see hehe.

But i will post it up next week when i give it to him on thursday the 9th of September. He also asked today if we could set it up since his friends are coming over tomorrow night for a birthday get together and wanted to play with them so i gave in.

other than doing nothing really today i have been looking into some new products i realllllllllyyyy want to try. I have had this new facisnation with nude lipsticks. I mean ive always had them in my makeup collection but never really look around for the perfect one until now when i have had this burst of desperation for a amazing nude lipstick that sustains colour and pigmentation on my lips for a long time. I have heard a few things about colours from Alexandra from HRHCOLLECTION on youtube and she mentions colours from MAC called myth and also from revlon call nude attitude (i think) but i have looked into both the revlon one is very much a dupe for the MAC one myth. I have then looked into myth on youtube finding that a lot of poeple do have it in their collection and rate it as an all rounder colour for all looks i would love to try the revlon one out as it is a lot cheaper and if it is just as good then why not i can buy two for the price of one at MAC. lol.

I will post pics up as well so you can see them for yourself.(look at the very end)

I am trying to post new blogs most days and upload more videos i have just been so busy with University and organising jobs as such.

Another thing i wanted to quickly talk about is "Blog sales" a lot of people on youtube creat blog sales where most of the time they sell unwanted makeup mostly un used but some just swatched (tested) i think it is a really cheap alternate to buy the products you really want and are sought after at a cheaper price. I will defiantly hold one when i go through things that i dont use or want anymore. Other than that i bid you all a great afternoon where ever you may be in the world. Have a great weekend.


P.S i think the only difference in this imagery is that the revlon looks a little more peachier than the mac lipstick. :D

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

blog time

Good morning all you bloggers out there,

im so happy the sun is out today go many errons to run and i dont have to do it in the run thank god :)

so just a quick review on a lipstick i just purchased, i bought the chanel rouge ALLURE colour darling. It is a beautiful colour of rose and soft nudey pink. I only got it a few days ago and still thinking of what i will say in my youtube review but so far i am loving it.
I will post a picture up so you call see the colour.
If anyone has tried any other colours tell me id love to invest in more if i do really love it.

Have a great day

love Sarah xxx