Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lipsticks and lipstains

I am sorry i have been MIA latley but i have some exciting new products to talk to you all about.
I just got back from the shops and i am so excited to say i have finally purchased nude lipstick, you should all be very proud of me hehe.(actually i bought two) I bought the revlon matte in nude attitude and another revlon colourburst in soft nude. I am in love with both of them and i dont know why i haven't purchased a nude lipstick earlier. I reccomend both of these to you, the best part is that they last so long and you can even eat and drink and they hardly disapear.

The next item i bought was the famous covergirl lip stain....... HRH collection got me sucked in and i could not say a bad thing about this product. I got the colour 410 and i couldnt find where it said the colour name but its a berry colour. I love how it smells, looks and tastes :D. It lasts for ever and goes with every look. I really reccomend the outlast lipstain by covergirl.

I guess i went on a lip product spree today becuase i also bought two rimmel colour showoff lipsticks. I got one in pink gossip which is a salmon/coral colour with glitter specs in it. I think its a great party summer colour and really pops when it touches skin. The second one i got was in Pink fame and is a hot pink and very matte in texture and contrast. I love both of them but they don't last as long as the revlon ones do.

Overall i am really happy with the lipsticks i bought today and would reccomend them to everyone :)

Take care all xoxo

Monday, October 11, 2010

You don't need a boyfriend to wear his clothes

Whoever said you need a boyfriend to wear his clothing? NO ONE!!!!

Boyfriend styles have been around for a while now and along with the whole baggy tshirt look which has been around since the 70's, there has now been the invention of the stylish and classic boyfriend blazer and jeans. Need i say more? they are so easy to paif with things and are so classic that you can wear it to any event or even day to day.

I have found a few cute styles of blazers and jeans and have embed them in.

7,140 JPY -
Tops »

130 EUR -
Low heel shoes »

Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarer
$145 -
Wayfarer sunglasses »


Babe in Boyland

sasha pivovarova Photo #91141

below are the jeans i love.....
Street Fashion Boyfriend Jeans « Playing With Fire

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kourtney Smortney

Kourtney Kardashian simply does it for me. I dont know what it is but i think she is the sexiest Kardashian there is. She is pretty in the days and uber sexy at night how does she do it?

I am loving the florals she is wearing and it really makes me want to jump in a pool with the summery look. I adore her Michael Kors watch and have to say it's gone on my birthday wish list (which is a month away yay) I had my eyes on this chrono white and gold one but have gone back to wanting Kourts gold plated one.

299.Celeb Style:Kourtney Kardashian

299.Celeb Style:Kourtney Kardashian by ♥Melissa_Amazingly Awesome♥™ featuring michael kors jewelry

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fairwell Holidays Hello no life

My holidays well week of holidaying has come to a stand still. I have just got back to Uni and not liking the early morning start at all. I have two weeks left then exams so I guess I should not complain and think of the good side. (wahhhhh) I did set up my new store last night with the owner and I can say I am very excited to start working there. I start on Wednesday if you are wondering. I couldnt sleep last night because I was so excited to start working haha so sad but i really wanted to earn some good molla :)

I havent got anything else really interesting to tell you but Iwill lerave you with the thought of a new haul coming up and this image of Whitney Port and her casual style. Tell me what you think.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Chanel, Top shop and worthy treats.

I have been making some wishful wish lists and have come to the conclusion that I AM going to get a Chanel jumbo or maxi lambskin bag.

Alex from HRHcollection made a few videos in relation to her bags and wasn't very happy with the colouring of the powder pink (I think) I want your advice as to whether I should get a cream colour with gold chain detail or the black with gold detail. I know I have wanted black for as long as I can remember but pink/cream seems really different yet popular.

Another thing I wanted to find out from everyone was if you recommend any items at top shop at the moment? I'm looking for simple pieces mainly black as I need them for work. I want bandage skirts, jackets and cute tops. Lace and detailing would be nice as I don't want to look too funereally. I in Australia remember so I need to be able to get it off the internet. The last thing I really wanted to bring up was the fact that I start my new job this week I'm so excited it's a company called Glamazone and they sell wholesale jewels for party and ball wear and scarves and clutches and just bits and pieces that are really girly. I am so excited for it and I can't wait to fill my bank account with money hehe. It will call for a giant shopping spree and that's the point of this topic post. I want exciting summer/spring wear lots of bright colours and I'll be taking my inspiration from Whit 'IT' Port, LC, Steph Pratt and Nicole Richie. I know I am a sucker for The Hills and The City. I love Olivia and I would love to put her in my inspiration list but I find her to be a very "dressy" dresser and her casual looks are very minimal and most are night time and wintery rugged up looks. Don't get me wrong I love her and everything she puts together and I have found a few pieces I love but like I said there aren't many.

I am going to leave you all with that. I hope I get lots of feed back because I am really interested in this topic.

Much Love Sarah xoxo

Holiday’s yay

I'm so excited I have finally reached my destination of ......HOLIDAYS!

Thank the lord I say hehe. I have travelled down south of where I live and staying in a little house I found on the net that my boyfriend and I have rented for the week.

I will try and post pictures up of the house. My boyfriend went for a run this morning while I got a great sleep in that I really needed it seemed. When he got back I felt guilty and thought I better get up and he was so excit5ed to show me pictures of kangaroos and a sheep dog that had chased it Hahah. I thought it was hilarious because that it typically something you would see on a rough stereotypical Aussie movie.

Sadly the only roo I have seen this week was a road side one that was hit by a car. Hopefully I do see a few before I go; it would be strange if I don't considering I'm in the bush!! Oh well we will see what happens.

Today was very productive we visited wineries, the cheese factory, the chocolate factory and the candy cow (all really yummy and lots of worthy calories hehe).

I am also really excited about starting my new job next week I know sounds sad but I cannot wait, being a student I am quite poor but I am so excited to be able to buy loads more beauty products and clothing items yet. (Shhhh don't tell my mum hehe)


I don't think I have much more to say but I would like to finish on one note..... OMG to Australia's next top model shenanigans what can I say just omgggggg ill leave it on that note.


Hope you are all well.


Much love Sarah xoxo