Friday, September 3, 2010

Blog sales, Nude lipsticks and other giggles

Hi all you bloggers out there,

Today was just another boring day where i did the usual running around on my day off.
Its my biggest fans birthday next week (boyfriend) lol and i had one of his presents in the boot of my car. I told him many times not to look in there and last night we both forgot it was in there and he saw :( i actually started crying im such a baby hahaha :( but anyways many of you will ask me what i got him weill i got him three main presents i got him band hero because he had mentioned a while back he wanted ghuitar hero for ps3 ansd then i saw all of the band one together and suprised him with that the two other main pressies are still a secret to him so i better not write it for him to see hehe.

But i will post it up next week when i give it to him on thursday the 9th of September. He also asked today if we could set it up since his friends are coming over tomorrow night for a birthday get together and wanted to play with them so i gave in.

other than doing nothing really today i have been looking into some new products i realllllllllyyyy want to try. I have had this new facisnation with nude lipsticks. I mean ive always had them in my makeup collection but never really look around for the perfect one until now when i have had this burst of desperation for a amazing nude lipstick that sustains colour and pigmentation on my lips for a long time. I have heard a few things about colours from Alexandra from HRHCOLLECTION on youtube and she mentions colours from MAC called myth and also from revlon call nude attitude (i think) but i have looked into both the revlon one is very much a dupe for the MAC one myth. I have then looked into myth on youtube finding that a lot of poeple do have it in their collection and rate it as an all rounder colour for all looks i would love to try the revlon one out as it is a lot cheaper and if it is just as good then why not i can buy two for the price of one at MAC. lol.

I will post pics up as well so you can see them for yourself.(look at the very end)

I am trying to post new blogs most days and upload more videos i have just been so busy with University and organising jobs as such.

Another thing i wanted to quickly talk about is "Blog sales" a lot of people on youtube creat blog sales where most of the time they sell unwanted makeup mostly un used but some just swatched (tested) i think it is a really cheap alternate to buy the products you really want and are sought after at a cheaper price. I will defiantly hold one when i go through things that i dont use or want anymore. Other than that i bid you all a great afternoon where ever you may be in the world. Have a great weekend.


P.S i think the only difference in this imagery is that the revlon looks a little more peachier than the mac lipstick. :D

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