Tuesday, August 31, 2010

videos finally

Hey everyone,

So i have finally uploaded some videos but unfortunatly it doesnt alway go my way haha. Now i have my mouth moving and my words come out earlier lol.
So if anyone knows how to help me then that would be great :D The first two videos are just a welcoming video and then a series video that i have created well actually i dont know if someone has laready done these types of videos which they probs have but anyways.The series consists of my fav drugstore lip prodcts, mascaras,scents and other random bits and bobs :)

I hope everyone knows that i have only just begin making videos so they will be worse off than future ones hehe. If anyone has any videos requests they want me to do please just email me or leave a comment on my channel.

So i guess i should say whats been happening with me latley.
My mum was over last week from Brisbane (my family live there now) and we went shopping only once i wasnt too successful with buying anything only got a hot pink beret and a cute little black puffy should top. They were both on sale so i scored a bargin.

My mum flew back on tuesday last week and was just in time for my brothers state presentations for AFL (aussie rules football) he was chosen as the top four in the state so proud of him.

Other than that nothing much is going on my boyfriends birhtday is next week so im going to finish off doing his present shopping today hopefully and then be back with more videos asap oh and i guess ill have to fit University study in for my tests next week. :(

i hope everyone is having a lovely day wherever in the world you are.

Stay safe and have fun.

Much love xoxo

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