Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hello lovely people :)

So today i didn't do too much exciting except for the fact that i finally got around to buying NARS orgasm blush and laguna yay im so excited and cannot wait to see what all the fuss is about hehe.

I have heard numerous reviews about it and everyone has only said great things about it. So i guess there will be a new video coming your way when i do finally get it in the mail :)

I bought it from NARS.com and i did have to pay around 15 dollars australian for the postage but still it was a good price compared to buying to at MECCACOSMETICA which is the only place that stocks it in Western Australia.

But i also would love to try their lipglosses and lipsticks :)
ill post a picture up of orgasm and laguna for those of you crazy people who have never feasted your eyes on them before !!!( they should appear on the top right side oh and orgasm is the peachy shimmering blush and laguna is a bronzing tone)

Have a great day my dears.

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